What You REALLY Need to Bring to a Music Festival (Camping)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

ALRIGHT KIDS. So you're doing it. You have a ticket to a music festival. HOLY CRAP. You're probably slightly broke now but who cares? You're already dreaming of all the Pinterest worthy festival outfits you're going to wear and how close you will be to seeing all your favorite artists and how much fun sleeping under the stars on a blanket will be. Except none of those dreams will come close to happening. You're going to be a hot sweaty mess for 3 days straight- surviving off of no sleep and PB&Js. But it will be the most magical life-changing 3 days of your freakin life. So get hype and get prepared(-ish) by reading some advice based on my personal festival experiences below :)

1) If you don't read anything else in this post I won't care, but PLEASE read this: bring a GOOD TENT. If you rent one or borrow one from a friend make sure it has all the parts and is big enough for you and your tentmates. If not you're beat. Not really- but seriously it is SO crucial. It can/probably will be rainy, hot, cold, and ferociously windy at some point during the weekend so having a sturdy tent is key. 

2) Bring a water backpack!! This is SO necessary.  Don't be that guy that passes out becuase of dehydration. Srsly. There are sick hydration packs on Vibedration.com and super cheap ones on Amazon as well. Festivals have water refill stations all over the place so you can fill them up at quickly and easily. Never be without water! Make water your new best friend for the weekend and you won't regret it- I swear! 

3) Bring Food! Bring whatever you feel comfortable bringing honestly. I'm poor so I go to Wal-Mart and get stuff like PB&J materials, granola bars, cuties, hella chips, Oreos, bananas (10/10 recommend bringing lots of those), and Ravioli (Yes, I ate it cold and it was the bomb- don't judge). But you can get fancy and bring a grill and chef it up. Do whatever your heart desires as long as you get something to fuel your body for a weekend of raging. Also the food they have at festivals is SO good. It's expensive, but definitely worth trying at least once while you're there. 

4) Bring warm AND cold clothing. For some reason Mother Nature decides she wants to go through menopause wherever your festival destination is for the weekend.  You wake up dripping in sweat but the second the sun goes down you may as well be in the damn arctic. For real. Bring a light sweater and pants with you into the festival becuase you really just never know.  Also checking the weather is not really an option because you will only have a nanosecond of service the whole time. P.S. Not bringing a rain jacket increases the chance of rain for the weekend. 

5) Bring A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Everyone around you is there for the same reason. And that is to have fun and be free and connect over love of music! You're going to make some of the most amazing connections with people that will be unlike anything you've ever had before. So spread love, be love, and enjoy every second of one of the best weekends of your life. 

Stay beautiful,

The Only Foods You Need to Eat Before Spring Break

Monday, February 6, 2017

So it's literally 3 weeks before Spring Break and that means it's basically here.  My mind could not be more ready to be heading to Florida with my gang, but my body is still in full-on winter mode. So today's Trader Joe's run was absolutely crucial. Below is everything I got to keep my diet on track before it's crop top and bikini time.

Almond Milk: 2.99
Asian Veggie Stir Fry: 4.29
Frozen Strawberries: 1.99
Inner Peas Snack Crisps: 1.49
Sliced Apples: 3.99
Baby Carrots: 1.69
Soyaki Sauce: 2.99
Bananas: .76
Mixed Berry Granola: 3.79
Cucumber 1.69
Items I already had were the brown rice, hummus, and chicken!

I will be using these items to make healthy meals and snacks for the next few weeks. I plan on making chicken/veggie stir fry for dinner. For breakfast I'm whippin up some smoothies and for snacks veggies and hummus! I will be posting some recipes and meals to share with you all as well. Here's hoping I'll feel better in a bikini if I stick to these foods (and avoid the Bojangles drive thru!!!)

Stay beautiful,

Beginning of Fall Fashion

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Figuring out what to wear this time of year is a struggle if you live in the South. Sweaters fill the racks of every store, but it's still gets up to the 80s in the afternoons! Living by the beach it feels as if I live in an endless summer.  So how do you dress for the fall in a place that refuses to believe it exists? I'll show you how with some looks I'm in love with from Island Passage in Wilmington. 

This flowy tank top from Free People is perfect for those warmer days. I paired it with black Blank NYC jeans and black Free People booties for a darker fall touch.  To accessorize I added a hat and a choker!

If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with rompers!  This long sleeve paisley printed piece is perfect for fall.  I love it because it has lining underneath so it's not too thin for cooler days.  Paired with knee high Dolce Vita boots this look is complete!

For all the cutest fall pieces y'all have to come visit me at Island Passage by the beach in Wilmington!  Have fun getting excited for fall dolls!

Stay beautiful,

The One Change to Reach Your Full Potential You Can Make Today

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Who would you be if you could be anyone in the world for a day?  Would it be someone like Cara Delevigne, Rihanna or Taylor Swift?  I bet dozens of names come to mind. Maybe thoughts of someone who has the looks of a supermodel, makes bank, doesn’t take anyone’s crap and charms everyone.  What if I told you that you can become the person that you imagine?  Becoming the bad ass you want to be is simple and easier than you might think.  The key to doing it is simply making your biggest role model YOURSELF.

In college we all have this grand image of who our future self will be.  For me, when I’m a senior and about to graduate I will finally have my sh*t together.  I’ll have a career path, goals, and a diet that doesn’t consist only of Bojangles and vodka.  It’s easy to rely on the future and have the thoughts that things will just come together eventually. “I’ll study for my Bio exam later,” “Next month I’ll start working on my Spring Break Bod”  “Maybe next semester I’ll land an internship,”  These are such promising phrases that in truth, are utterly meaningless.  So how do you go from turning those dreams into reality?

Take that idea of who your future bad ass self is and ask yourself this question, “What are the habits of my future self?” What are the things that you don’t do now that your future self is a pro at?  The girl that I want to be is confident 24/7. The days when I feel like I’m totally killing it are the days when I don’t want to be anyone but myself. So what are the habits of my most confident self?  I imagine the girl I want to be does at least one thing everyday that benefits the mind, body and spirit.  To help my mind grow it could be watching a graphic design tutorial or reading a chapter of a self-empowerment book.  To better my body it could be eating a vegan meal or going to a class at the gym. For my spirit I could meditate, volunteer or simply have a good laugh with a friend.  

When you are implementing the habits of who you think is successful everyday, then everyday you will inevitably be reaching your goal. Time is too valuable to waste not trying your hardest everyday to be your best self.  By thinking about small changes and habits to incorporate into your life everyday, overtime you will become the healthier, happier, and a more successful you. 

Leaves are changing colors and menus are changing to pumpkin mother f*cking everything. So with that it’s time to change yourself too.  Think about the habits your future badass self has and write them down.  Try to implement them into your daily life and soon you will see how easy it is to become your best version of you!

Stay Beautiful,

Wandering through Wilmington

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Today I spent the day roaming the streets of downtown Wilmington.  The weather was perfect for exploring the streets and catching a bite to eat.  Every store now is filled with boots, sweaters, and the most amazing scented candles! After spending a few hours meandering through the shops, I discovered the cutest little boutique called Tusc.  Just one step into the store and I immediately felt like I was in the summertime out West.  It has a super loving, welcoming, and free spirit vibe.  All the clothing is flowy and super bohemian which is so my style! Definitely stopping by again soon.

Feeling a little hungry, we stopped by this new Mexican food restaurant and bar called Beer Barrio.  They have tons of beer on tap and a delicious menu full of tacos and burritos! I ordered a delicious chicken taco, but what I loved most about it was that outside the hard shell there was guac and a soft shell wrapped around it- so yummy! Pretty sure I would eat there everyday if I could!

On our way out we couldn't pass up grabbing some Kilwin's Ice Cream! It seriously so irresistible.  All in all it was a perfect day in Wilmington.  It's finally starting to get a little chillier, so I was super excited break out my fav booties and scarf! Hopefully you all get a chance to go out soon and see all the wonderful things downtown Wilmington has to offer!
Stay beautiful,

When it feels like summer in November...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

It's hard to believe it's already November, especially on days like today where it reached about 80 degrees.  Fall in Wilmington is definitely different than most other cities I would say.  Besides the occasional rainy days, it still feels like summer! Other people may complain that there isn't football at my school, but I'm sure not worried about it when I'm catching a tan on the sand in the middle of autumn! Today was a great day to lay out, but I had a few errands to run, so I threw on this cute and comfy romper from Urban Outfitters.  I love it because it has 3/4 sleeves so when I'm inside it keeps me warm.  I also love how versatile it is- I could wear it to class with some sandals or out to lunch with some boots and a hat like I am wearing in the picture.  Rompers like this are definitely something to look for this fall if you live in a warm city like mine!

Stay beautiful,

Be Present

Sunday, November 1, 2015

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this, or the like of this." - Henry David Thoreau

Stress and anxiety is something I’m sure we all struggle with daily. This past week was particularly hard for me. With multiple tests, meetings, and my absolute best friend in the world upset with me, it was difficult to make it through. During class and at work I would just spend the entire time worrying about what I had to get done. It got to the point where I was so stressed about what was going to happen next I couldn't focus on what was actually happening in the moment. 

Thursday I was sitting in my room studying and I just couldn’t think anymore. So I decided just stop, put everything down, close my eyes, and breathe. I took deep breaths of good energy in and exhaled all my worries and negativity. Within just a minute, I already felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders. It was then I realized how important it is to just take a breath. By shifting my focus to the present, I instantly felt so much happier and alive. It’s amazing what an impact simply taking a second to breathe have. 

Doing this exercise made me realize how I should apply it to my daily life. By being present in every situation, it will make everything so much easier. The only thing you can control is your own thoughts, feelings, and actions.  This week I will go into the mindset of being present and positive.  The only moment we truly have is right here and right now- so embrace it! 

Stay beautiful,

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