The Only Foods You Need to Eat Before Spring Break

Monday, February 6, 2017

So it's literally 3 weeks before Spring Break and that means it's basically here.  My mind could not be more ready to be heading to Florida with my gang, but my body is still in full-on winter mode. So today's Trader Joe's run was absolutely crucial. Below is everything I got to keep my diet on track before it's crop top and bikini time.

Almond Milk: 2.99
Asian Veggie Stir Fry: 4.29
Frozen Strawberries: 1.99
Inner Peas Snack Crisps: 1.49
Sliced Apples: 3.99
Baby Carrots: 1.69
Soyaki Sauce: 2.99
Bananas: .76
Mixed Berry Granola: 3.79
Cucumber 1.69
Items I already had were the brown rice, hummus, and chicken!

I will be using these items to make healthy meals and snacks for the next few weeks. I plan on making chicken/veggie stir fry for dinner. For breakfast I'm whippin up some smoothies and for snacks veggies and hummus! I will be posting some recipes and meals to share with you all as well. Here's hoping I'll feel better in a bikini if I stick to these foods (and avoid the Bojangles drive thru!!!)

Stay beautiful,
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