What You REALLY Need to Bring to a Music Festival (Camping)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

ALRIGHT KIDS. So you're doing it. You have a ticket to a music festival. HOLY CRAP. You're probably slightly broke now but who cares? You're already dreaming of all the Pinterest worthy festival outfits you're going to wear and how close you will be to seeing all your favorite artists and how much fun sleeping under the stars on a blanket will be. Except none of those dreams will come close to happening. You're going to be a hot sweaty mess for 3 days straight- surviving off of no sleep and PB&Js. But it will be the most magical life-changing 3 days of your freakin life. So get hype and get prepared(-ish) by reading some advice based on my personal festival experiences below :)

1) If you don't read anything else in this post I won't care, but PLEASE read this: bring a GOOD TENT. If you rent one or borrow one from a friend make sure it has all the parts and is big enough for you and your tentmates. If not you're beat. Not really- but seriously it is SO crucial. It can/probably will be rainy, hot, cold, and ferociously windy at some point during the weekend so having a sturdy tent is key. 

2) Bring a water backpack!! This is SO necessary.  Don't be that guy that passes out becuase of dehydration. Srsly. There are sick hydration packs on Vibedration.com and super cheap ones on Amazon as well. Festivals have water refill stations all over the place so you can fill them up at quickly and easily. Never be without water! Make water your new best friend for the weekend and you won't regret it- I swear! 

3) Bring Food! Bring whatever you feel comfortable bringing honestly. I'm poor so I go to Wal-Mart and get stuff like PB&J materials, granola bars, cuties, hella chips, Oreos, bananas (10/10 recommend bringing lots of those), and Ravioli (Yes, I ate it cold and it was the bomb- don't judge). But you can get fancy and bring a grill and chef it up. Do whatever your heart desires as long as you get something to fuel your body for a weekend of raging. Also the food they have at festivals is SO good. It's expensive, but definitely worth trying at least once while you're there. 

4) Bring warm AND cold clothing. For some reason Mother Nature decides she wants to go through menopause wherever your festival destination is for the weekend.  You wake up dripping in sweat but the second the sun goes down you may as well be in the damn arctic. For real. Bring a light sweater and pants with you into the festival becuase you really just never know.  Also checking the weather is not really an option because you will only have a nanosecond of service the whole time. P.S. Not bringing a rain jacket increases the chance of rain for the weekend. 

5) Bring A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! Everyone around you is there for the same reason. And that is to have fun and be free and connect over love of music! You're going to make some of the most amazing connections with people that will be unlike anything you've ever had before. So spread love, be love, and enjoy every second of one of the best weekends of your life. 

Stay beautiful,

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